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A promise of quality:

Our products are essentially inspired by the richly scented and coloured  rural Provencal countryside. We only select the most precious organic plants and raw materials which faithfully reflect the beauty of Provence and our love for it. This selection is subject to the rules of our ethical charter which apply to our entire chain of production and supply.

An invitation to pleasure and well-being

Durance combines the finest quality raw materials with the art of fragrance-making to create natural fragrances and cosmetics available in a wide range of products adapted to suit different skin types. Beauty by Durance is the expression of an essential and simple feeling of well-being, a line of products that give you pleasure, pamper you and make you feel beautiful.

Durance also offers you a wonderful selection of home fragrances. Infuse your home with the perfume of a mood, a desire, a memory… Scent your linen and your home with delicate and refined fragrances..

Nature as the basic source of beauty

Nature is Durance’s prime source of inspiration. Our company is situated in Provence, at the heart of a civilization where nature was at the root of all traditional beauty and health rituals.

The artists and artisans who work with Durance look for inspiration from the Provencal countryside, and the colours and scents that make up this fertile land.

Our land of Provence is the heritage of an ancient culture dedicated to a certain way of life.

This is why Durance is committed to creating cosmetics that:

  • Have a minimum content of 95% natural ingredients.
  • Are paraben-free, phenoxyethanol-free,  sodium laureth sulfate-free, and propylene glycol-free.
  • Are not tested on animals

We believe it is only natural that we should engage in developing products made with the finest Organic ingredients (organic rose essential oil, organic lavender essential oil from Grignan and organic olive oil from Nyons) to better meet the expectations of our customers and their taste for natural products.

Respectful development

Concerned about respecting the ecological balance of nature, DURANCE draws its inspiration from natural sources to create products that add a note of pleasure to everyday life, and to every moment of the day. Respect is an essential value for Durance: respect of nature in all the products it creates, respect of the environment and respect of mankind. The humane culture of our company, listening, showing respect for others and sharing knowledge are fundamental values for us.

Un engagement pour la création

Durance works with all kinds of artists who provide a diversity of culture and skills: perfume experts, graphic artists, designers, painters and sculptors. Durance has even bred a new variety of Rosa Centifolia, quite naturally named « Durance Rose».

Durance is also a Partner of the Grignan Correspondence Festival, which celebrates epistolary art and pays tribute to letter-writing in all its forms, in traditional and contemporary styles.

Because creation is at the heart of our business, Durance has strengthened its partnership with the Correspondence Festival by offering a grant for the commission of a play on the theme of correspondence and fragrance.