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Our Top Fragrances for Autumn

Searching for a new fragrance for the fall season? Keep reading to find our favourite warm, autumnal scents perfect to cosy up with.

Black Grape

Notes: Fruity, Green, Woody. Fragrance Family: Fruity & Delicious

Cocoon yourself in the delicate notes of ripe fruit & vine leaves on a subtly woody background.

Soft Cashmere

Notes: Cocooning, Tenderness, Sweetness. Fragrance Family: Soft & Gentle

Let yourself be lulled by the elegance of cashmere enrobed in the comforting softness of vanilla & white musk.

Fig Milk

Notes: Fruity, Milky, Powerful Fragrance Family: Fruity & Delicious

Deliciously sweet, both green and woody, the scents recall a walk in the heart of a Mediterranean garden.

Precious Amber

Notes: Deep, Oriental, Powerful Fragrance Family: Woody & Spicy

The amber candle reveals a warm and precious fragrance where the deep notes of amber take on a soft and enchanting accent in contact with vanilla and wood.

Why you should switch to a solid shampoo bar today!

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between regular shampoo and a solid shampoo bar? Keep reading to find out why you should switch to solid shampoo today.

Eco-friendly packaging

If you are looking for a way to make your beauty routine more eco-friendly, a solid shampoo bar is essential! Using 100% less plastic than traditional shampoo bottles, our shampoo bars come packaged in a fully recyclable kraft box. So you can remove the need for single-use plastics in your shower!

No waste

The shampoo bar itself has a biodegradable formula too, so won’t cause any damage to the environment, it will simply reduce in size over 25-35 washes until you have used the full product. No more wasting product when you can’t get the last bit out of the bottle!

Cleansing and nourishing formulas

Not only are shampoo bars good for the environment, but more importantly, they are good for your hair! Enriched with red rice extract from Camargue, and organic olive oil from Provence, our shampoo bars cleanse thoroughly and leave your hair soft and shiny. We even have three different formulas enriched with natural ingredients to suit different hair types.

Natural ingredients

Did you know most liquid shampoos contain synthetic fragrances & strong chemicals that can irritate your scalp and dry your hair out? Our shampoo bars contain 92% ingredients of natural origin, using organic oils to fragrance our products, they are always paraben-free. So you can relax and enjoy the beautiful natural fragrance whilst you wash your hair.

So why not make the switch to a solid shampoo bar today!

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How Durance fell in love with Mother Nature

Our continued mission to create the most beautifully natural fragrances and cosmetics.

Falling in love with nature

In 1997 the Durance family bought a small farm producing flowers and lavender essential oil in the heart of the Provençal Drôme in Grignan. Transported by the Beauty and Spirit of the place, they began to experiment, using the natural active ingredients of Provence to create the most precious natural perfumes.

Nature as the basic source of beauty

Provence is at the heart of a civilization where nature was at the root of all traditional beauty and health rituals. So it was only natural that the incredible plants that Mother Earth creates would become the main source of inspiration for Durance.

That is why Durance is committed to creating cosmetics that have a minimum content of 96% natural ingredients. All of our products include organic ingredients, like lavender essential oil produced right here in Grignan, Provence.

Respectful development

Concerned about respecting the ecological balance of nature, Durance draws its inspiration from natural sources to create products that add a note of pleasure to everyday life, and to every moment of the day. Respect is an essential value for Durance: respect of nature in all the products it creates, respect of the environment and respect of mankind. 

Prolonging the natural beauty

To ensure we can continue to care for the earth whilst making our beautiful natural products we ensure sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We source organic ingredients from ethical suppliers as close as physically possible to our Grignan workshops. And our expert perfumers use traditional methods to extract the active ingredients and fragrances from the plants we use, just like our ancestors did.

Looking to the future

As we look into the future of Durance, we want to honour and care for mother nature even more. We are constantly assessing our processes and packaging to find the most natural and sustainable ways of producing the natural beauty products you love. We aim to make as many of our products as possible in recyclable packaging, reducing plastic use where we can, and introducing more refillable and reusable products.

The beauty of Marseille Soap

To celebrate the release of our new Marseille Soap fragrance, we take a closer look at this traditional soap, how it’s made, and the reasons we love it.

What is Marseille soap?

This beautiful authentic soap has been produced in Marseille for over 600 years. To be classed as an authentic Marseille soap it must be made from 100% natural ingredients, contain a minimum of 72% vegetable oils, and be made in the traditional method.

What ingredients are in the soap?

The traditional recipe for Marseille soap is a mixture of naturally nourishing and purifying ingredients. Organic olive oil, Mediterranean Sea water, and extracts of alkaline sea plant ash are blended with essential oils, creating a beautiful gentle fragrance.

How is it made?

To make this soap the authentic way, the ingredients are placed together in a large cauldron. The soap blend is gently heated and stirred continuously, before being poured into moulds and left to set. Just before it’s fully set, the soap is cut into bars, stamped, and left to completely harden. This process can take up to a month to complete, with the final product being well worth the wait!

What are the benefits of Marseille soap?

Marseille soap is gentle on the skin, so it can be used on even the most sensitive skins as it’s made from natural ingredients. It also soothes dry skin as it uses a high percentage of nourishing oils which lightly moisturise the skin. Marseille soap is even eco-friendly as it uses all natural ingredients, and there’s no wasteful plastic packaging.

Discover the new Marseille fragrance here and browse our range of incredible Marseille soap products

Happy home, happy mind

At Durance, we love spending time at home, and there’s nothing more relaxing than a clean and cosy home.

It’s been proven that your environment can have a big impact on your mental wellbeing, which is why it’s so important to create the right ambiance in your home. Keep reading for our favourite ways to keep your home and mind happy…

Create a calm & cosy ambiance

Les Eternelles Radiant Camellia

Start the new year afresh by filling your home with fresh natural fragrance. Not only do candles and diffusers make your home smell beautiful, but they also add an elegant decoration to your home.

Have that fresh linen feeling, everyday

Linen Mist and Home Perfume in Fresh Linen

There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh bedding and fluffy towels to make your home extra inviting. A quick cheat to always having that fresh scent, is to use a linen mist or home perfume to reinvigorate your home.

Add little luxuries to your routine

Les Essentiels Liquid Marseille Hand & Body Wash

Make even the simplest task enjoyable with little luxuries, like our Les Essentiels Hand & Body Wash. Made with 98% natural ingredients and packaged in a recycled & refillable glass bottle, you can wash your hands with peace of mind.

Get a great night’s sleep

Pillow Perfume in Lavender Flower

A good night’s sleep is vital for your wellbeing. Make sure you get the perfect night’s sleep every day with our pillow perfume. Lay back, relax and transport your dreams to the perfumed gardens of Provence for the ultimate night of relaxation.

We hope that helps you to bring some more wellbeing into your home in 2022! You can browse our full fragrance library here.

Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Struggling with what to buy your loved ones this Christmas? We have put together a selection of great gift ideas to help you find the perfect present.

Stocking Fillers

Whether you are looking for stocking fillers, or a secret Santa gift, we have a great range of small but beautiful gifts all under £10!

Triple Milled Marseille Soap
with Cotton Extract – £4
Les Eternelles Soft Hand Cream
in Orange Blossom – £6
Pillow Perfume
in Lavender Flower – £8.50

Gifts for Her

Treat the wonderful women in your life to luxury French fragrance straight from Provence. With over 50 fragrances to choose from there is something for everyone!

Les Eternelles Eau De Parfum
in Cotton Musk – £
Les Eternelles Moisturising Body Lotion
in Rose Petal – £15
Wood Wick Christmas Candle
in Wild Raspberries – £33.5

Gifts for Him

Gifts for men can often be the hardest to find. We’ve made it easier for you with a selection of thoughtful presents perfect for husbands, dads, and any other men in your life.

L’Ome Eau De Toilette
in Blue Cedar – £31.50
L’Ome Shaving Brush
L’Ome Shampoo for Hair and Body
in Oriental Wood – £9.50

Eco-Friendly Gifts

If you are looking to be more eco-conscious in your Christmas shopping the Les Essentiels range is the perfect choice. Using organic natural ingredients from Provence and packaged in recyclable packaging it makes a great gift.

Solid Shampoo – for dry and/or long hair
in Mandarin & Pomegranate – £10
Marseille Hand and Body Wash
in Rose & Saffron – £14
Les Essentiels Marseille Soap
in Lemon & Mint – £5

Gifts for Christmas Lovers

Have you got a friend or loved one who just loves Christmas? Christmas fragrances, Christmas decor, Christmas everything! Our limited edition Christmas gifts are the ultimate gift for the festive season.

Mini Christmas Candles Trio
Limited Edition Christmas Candle
in Gingerbread – £17.50
Ceramic Feather Diffuser
in Under the Pine Tree – £24.90

Still looking for more Christmas gifts?

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Our top picks for Autumn

As we move into the new season, we’re indulging in warming fragrances and moments of comfort. Keep reading to see our Autumnal essentials…

Missing warm evenings in the garden?

Bring them inside with the new Tomato Leaf Perfumed Handmade Candle. All the aromatic freshness of crushed tomato leaves, enhanced with a sunny accord of soft and powdery lemony notes. This fresh and citrusy fragrance is sure to bring a warm atmosphere to your home.

Take a moment of bliss to yourself

Gently cleanse and pamper your skin with Les Essentiels Marseille Hand & Body Wash in the beautiful Rose & Saffron scent made with organic rose essential oil. Associated with the spicy side of saffron, it’s refined fragrance will envelop your skin in a delicate, wild and precious bouquet.

Create a relaxing ambiance with the beautiful Fig Milk Reed Diffuser

The perfume of the fig tree expressed through its wood, its leaves and its milky sap for a deliciously sweet and delicious accord. Relive a moment of exquisite nonchalance, just long enough to take a nap under a fig tree.

Comfort and care for your skin

Nourish and care for your hands with the Les Eternelles Orange Blossom Soft Hand Cream, enriched with sweet almond oil and beeswax. The rich cream texture leaves a veil of fragrant softness on your skin, with sweet orange blossom absolute on a musky and comforting vanilla base.

Find your perfect fragrance for Autumn here

What are Durance Linen Mists?

Durance Linen Mist – or linen spray – is a household product that leaves a lightly scented veil on your household linen. It’s perfect for freshening up garments, revitalising a guest bed before their arrival or the way to make carpets feel cleaner after having run the hoover around.

How do you effectively use linen sprays?

Durance Linen Mist comes in a spray bottle that perfectly projects a fine mist of the product. It can be sprayed over linens, towels, soft furnishings, clothes and carpets. Linen sprays are often a household favourite among the house proud and lazy alike because they’re used to freshen linens and soft furnishings between washes. 

Our tip: try spraying it onto fabrics while ironing. It provides a pleasing scent that means you’re getting aromatherapy while doing your laundry.

What scents for Durance Linen Mists come in?

These are our luxurious Durance fragrances currently available in our Durance Linen Mists:

Cool Night
A discreet and soothing fragrance with notes of orange blossom for a calm and peaceful night’s sleep.

Fresh Linen 

The softness of laundry drying in the sun is evoked by this fragrance with fresh notes of lavender and lily of the valley, enhanced by a touch of musk.

Cotton Flower
All the gentle pleasure of cotton is unveiled by a fragrance with musky notes that’s beautifully tender for a cocooning ambience.

A full, round and beautifully delicate lavender scent, enhanced by musky and aromatic woody notes.

Linen Flower
A fresh, gentle breeze blowing over a field of blue flowers – a powdery and delicate fragrance.

Once you’ve tried it, there’s no going back!
Explore the full range of Durance products and fragrances here.

Top 3: Why you need a Durance Marvellous Lamp

Durance Marvellous Lamps go beyond looking elegant and making for attractive decor pieces. Serving as catalytic lamps, they eliminate unwanted odours while diffusing an intense and long-lasting perfume into your home. 

Want to know more about Durance Marvellous Lamps? Here are three reasons why you absolutely need to try one in your home today.

1. Scandinavian style meets practicality

Originating in Northern Europe, this type of lamp is often seen in Scandinavian-style interiors, coming in a range of different colours. Durance provides a modern take on the ancestral catalytic lamp process; Durance Marvellous Lamps provide long-term fragrance and air cleansing to the inside of your home. Your home will feel as fresh and clean as it looks.

2. Scientifically proven to eliminate stubborn odours

The combined action of the burner and the lamp fragrances are proven to be effective in eliminating bad odours, including the most persistent ones. Experts say that the process of diffusing a delicate fragrance over a period of time removes the lingering odours that traditional air fresheners or candles only cover up. An Independent laboratory test showed that when using a lamp, home odours were reduced six times after just half an hour. 

Did we also mention you’ll get roughly 100 hours of burn time? Once the wick needs replacing, you can easily buy a replacement here

3. They made in France – the home of classic style

Whether it’s cosmetics, clothes or fine wine, the finer things in life always seem to originate from France. And fragrances are no exception. Durance boasts a wide range of rare scents made by our master perfumers from Grasse, France. We are particularly fond of our specially designed, anti-odour fragrance collection, which offers an enhanced (and proven) action on typical bad odours, such as animals, tobacco and stale kitchen smell.

Explore the complete collection of Durance Marvellous Lamp fragrances here. Or peruse the rest of the Durance Marvellous Lamp range here.

How to look after your candles

There’s nothing better than lighting a candle and basking in the aromas. But then before you know it, the wax is covered in dust, it burns unevenly and the wick starts billowing wafts of smoke that hinders the fragrance you know and love.

Durance UK has a wealth of experience in keeping your scented candles looking good and smelling amazing for longer. With a little bit of care and attention, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to keep your candles burning evenly and without smoke. Here are Durance UK’s tips for the best candle care.

1. It’s all about the first burn

For your first burn, you want to ensure that the first layer has completely liquified. Otherwise, you’ll get wax that stays up the edges of the candles for every burn thereafter. Our recommendation is to burn your candle for three hours initially, just to ensure that you don’t get tunnelling on the second burn.

2. Trim the wick

Most people don’t realise that trimming your candle wick is an essential part of candle care. You should trim your candle wick to around 3mm before you burn your candle. Alternatively, trim your wick every four hours of burn time. Trimming ensures that the candle burns evenly and that you also get a nice clean, even burn throughout its use. Most importantly, trimming the wick stops the black smoke. 

Top tip: Invest in a wick trimmer to help you trim the wick, especially when it gets too low for scissors. 

3. Four hours burn time

To minimise any damage or safety issues, we recommend only burning your candle for a maximum of four hours at a time. Remember to keep an eye on your candle the whole time that it is burning and never leave it unattended or near flammable materials.

4. Blow it out

For optimum use, it’s always a good idea to keep burning time within three to four hours. This ensures you’re able to cool the candle, trim the wick and prevent overheating of the glass container. If you keep a candle burning all night long, there’s a strong probability it will start generating unwanted soot and giving off a bit of a smokey stink. Keep an eye on how your candles are performing. If you need to blow the flame out and give it a while, don’t be scared to do so. 

5. Don’t burn below 5mm

Once your candle has got to 5mm, it is time to stop burning it. Try not to go the whole way down as it can overheat the glass. Once it’s cooled, add boiling water to melt any leftover wax and wait for it to cool. You can discard the scrap wax and recycle the glass container. 

6. Freeze it

Alternatively, if you pop your used candle into the freezer and leave it for 24hrs before taking it out, the freezing temperatures help to reduce the size of the wax. This makes it easy to pop out that unused last half inch and it’s safer than the boiling water method. Whether you then use the container to store your cosmetics or pop a tea light inside to keep the illusion of a full candle, it’s up to you!

More Durance home fragrances

We produce beautiful home fragrances, perfect for every home, all year long. We appreciate that buying scented products online isn’t quite the same as in a shop. That’s why we’re available to help match the perfect product with you and your home.

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2021 Spring and Summer home fragrances

Spring and summer conjure thoughts of new life and energy, which is everything we’ve captured in our Durance home fragrances this year. Come rain or shine – after all, this is the UK – these are our favourite scents that we’ll be spritzing in our homes all season long and beyond. 

1. Durance Soft Peony

Our Soft Peony invokes a delicate floral bouquet with fresh fruity scents. The sweet, refined notes capture the essence of early springtime in the countryside. The Durance perfumer describes the Soft Peony home fragrance as “an enchanting, powdery, rounded fragrance where the sweetness of peony delicately blends with freshly picked rose petals”.

You can purchase our Durance scented candle, Scented Bouquet, or our home perfume in the Soft Peony.

2. Durance Vetiver Zest

The elegant scent of vetiver is timeless. Like his favourite Eau de parfum, woody aromatic notes combine with fresh notes of bergamot and grapefruit for this vibrant and earthy scent. Edging on the more masculine side of your fragrance collection, Durance Vetiver Zest is brooding and atmospheric.

You can purchase our Durance scented candle, Scented Bouquet, or our home perfume in Vetiver Zest.

3. Durance Wild Blackcurrant

Our perfumer describes this home fragrance as “a joyful scent where the deliciously sweet wild blackcurrant berries, tangy raspberry and sparkling redcurrant are gradually revealed”. And for us, nothing says summertime like an abundance of rich, sweet fruit. This particular home fragrance has indulgently zingy notes of sparkling cassis owed to its blend of delicious fruits. For a home filled with joy and serenity, Durance Wild Blackcurrant is a must-have for this season. 

You can purchase our Durance scented candle, Scented Bouquet, or our home perfume in Wild Blackcurrant. 

More Durance home fragrances

We produce beautiful home fragrances, perfect for every home, all year long. We appreciate that buying scented products online isn’t quite the same as in a shop. That’s why we’re available to help match the perfect product with you and your home. Find out more here.