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Floral Fragrances

Delightful and accurate reproductions of the most beautiful floral fragrances. Inspired by nature, these fragrances will bring a beautiful Provencal garden into your home.

*New for Spring 2022* Acacia Flower

Immerse yourself in an elegant bouquet of Acacia Flowers.

Soft Peony

The sweetness of peony delicately blended with freshly picked rose petals

Lily of the Valley

The delicate bells of lily of the valley ring the beginning of spring in this figurative fragrance combining fresh notes of peony and jasmine.

Orange Blossom

A green and delicate fragrance, with notes of orange blossom emblematic of Provence, which encourages relaxation and well-being.


The richness of jasmine, a noble and precious flower, combined with green and slightly spicy notes.


A full, round, beautifully delicate lavender enhanced by musky and aromatic woody notes.

Monoï Flower

Some monoï white flowers, a few notes of vanilla and coconut. Take yourself away the tropical sun and the shade of coconut palms. A step towards making your home a tropical paradise

Cherry Blossom

A celebration of the cherry tree in spring. The cherry blossom’s delicate perfume will bring to your home a floral enchanting atmosphere.


The mistral, creating a deliciously light concentration of the poppy’s musky, flowery fragrance.


Recreate the scent of the rose with a hundred petals, rediscover it in all its delicacy and freshness. A silky, velvety and crisp Provence-rose.

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