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Fragrance Families

To help you navigate around our huge range of fragrances, we have grouped them into 5 families of fragrances.

There really is something for everyone – see below

Floral Fragrances

Delightful and accurate reproductions of the most beautiful floral fragrances. Inspired by nature, these fragrances will bring a beautiful Provencal garden into your home.

Fruity & Delicious Fragrances

Delicious, fruity, sweet fragrances to make your mouth water. Fill your home with these sumptuous and gourmet perfumes.

Fresh & Citrusy Fragrances

Citrus Fruits, Mint, Mojitos, Fresh Sea Air, there's something for everyone here. Bring the freshness of seaside home or the zesty memory of a refreshing Mojito to revive your senses!

Soft & Gentle Fragrances

A great big reassuring hug from the softest, gentlest fragrances you can imagine. The feeling of being wrapped in cotton wool, safe and cocooned in a soft, freshly laundered eiderdown.

Woody & Spicy Fragrances

Cocooning & warm or sweet & spicy this family of fragrances evokes the hot climes of the Orient as well as the heat of the Provençal Garrigue in the Summer.