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Fruity & Delicious Fragrances

Delicious, fruity, sweet fragrances to make your mouth water. Fill your home with these sumptuous and gourmet perfumes.

NEW! Raspberry Rhubarb

Freshly picked, the fruits of the garden make a perfect combination. The tangy side of rhubarb with the delicacy of raspberry

NEW! Gourmet Muesli

The delectability of wholegrain muesli with notes of oat flakes, almonds, hazelnuts, vanilla and coconut.

NEW! Almond Milk

Like a memory from school days, this comforting and reassuring fragrance is a perfectly balanced blend of almond and vanilla notes.

Soft Caramel

The soft caramel from your early childhood blended with vanilla, chocolate scents and enhanced by caramel sauce notes.

White Coffee

A sweet, comforting fragrance combining subtle roasted coffee notes with a cloud of cream and a touch of dark cocoa for a delicious olfactory treat

Fruit Cocktail

A scent full of vitamins mixing crunchy red fruits, blackcurant with a touch of delicious pineapple.


A juice-laden pomegranate with a tangy, fruity taste and a heart of red berry fruits on a bed of musk and sandalwood.

Fig Milk

The fig tree expressed through its wood, its leaves and its milky sap for a deliciously sweet and delicious accord.


A beautiful madeleine from our childhood with vanilla and almond notes for a delicious perfume.

Mango & Passion Fruit

The alliance of juicy mango and acidic passion fruit for an experience that’s soft and intense.

Mirabelle Plum

All of the mirabelle plum’s tanginess in an accord of juicy yellow fruits with a pleasant touch of sweet vanilla.


A delicious sweet fragrance where the vanilla shines with hints of coconut and almonds.

Orchard in Bloom

A deliciously fruity and flowery fragrance, evocative of a springtime orchard in bloom.

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