Eau de Parfum 50ml – Oriental Patchouli


Les Eternelles by Durance

Eau de Parfum 50ml Oriental Patchouli 
– with Patchouli essential oil from Indonesia

This fragrance is all about patchouli with its splendour and complexity magnifying its underlying femininity with elegance.

Symbol of love and seduction, patchouli is an unmissable essence cultivated in indonesia. Patchouli odour is known in the occident through the import of scented wraps from India and Indonesia in the mid 19th century. With its woody, heady and powerful notes, Patchouli dresses women with an addictive scented veil

Each of our Eau de Parfum pays tribute to an exceptional plant, a woman, a desire.

Les Eternelles by Durance
Durance has been inspired by the wonderful scented gardens in Provence and beyond and provides emtional moments for every woman.

Our master perfumers from Grasse have selected the most precious materials with exceptional sources to create unique fragrances.

With incredible deep shades, each scent can be used with serenity & all fragrances are without CMR*

*Fragrances without substances classified as carcinogens, mutagens of substances toxic to reproduction = CMR

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