Lamp Fragrance 500ml Anti-Cooking Smells


Compatible with all Catalytic lamps

Anti-Cooking Smells
Proven efficiency to combat cooking smells.

Explained by the nose :
The pleasure of a clean and fresh kitchen. A pure floral mix which fills the rooms as though nothing had previously occurred!

Burning time : About 40h
Library : Kitchen, Useful
Season: All year
Family : Fresh
Ambiance: Fresh and Luminous

Use: 18 uses of 30 min.

Fragrance duration: persistence of the fragrance for 8h after each use or 153h of fragrance delivery.
The catalytic delivery of fragrance with proven effectiveness.*
The Marvellous Lamp uses the catalytic process: a combustion, without flame or smoke to cleanse the inside of your home. At the heart of the system, the combined action of the burner and the lamp fragrances with proven effectiveness* developed by Durance, that eliminate odours, even the most persistent ones while diffusing a delicate fragrance.
*Independent laboratory test: 6 times less bad odours after 30 minutes of use.

Don’t forget to replace your Lamp’s Wick after 100 hours (approx) of burn time – you’ll know it needs replacing if the lamp won’t light. Click here for Replacement Wicks.

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