Melting Pieces of Wax – Madeleine


Durance Melting Pieces of Wax

Madeleine melting pieces of wax, created by Durance with natural wax is the best way to diffuse your favorite fragrances quickly and efficiently into your home.

Each Madeleine melting wax piece is divided in 8 petals, each of them will diffuse the scent for 10 hours, for a total of 80 hours for each box of melting wax..

Madeleine Fragrance:
A beautiful Madeleine with vanilla, almond powder and butter.

Mix and Match the fragrances as you like!
As our wax melt is divided into 8 petals, you will be able to mix the fragrances into your Durance Wax Burner! Let your creativity and personal taste express themselves and create unique scented associations for your home

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