Perfumed Soap 125g Delicate Water Lily


Les Eternelles by Durance

Tripled Milled Scented Soap Delicate Water Lily 125g

A delicate fragrance with notes of luminous flowers and tangy fruits on a musky base. A harmonious fragrance full of light.

The Delicate Water Lily fragrance is a floral bouquet embellished with tangy, musky & fruity notes. A transparent fragrance like an olfactory watercolour.

As explained by the perfumer:
a floral accord (rose, violet, jasmine) delicately underlined by powdery notes of iris. The enveloping base notes (white musk, cedar, sandalwood) give it a poetic and fascinating dimension.

Contains an extract of European water lily: from a plant that promotes biodiversity, it delivers sweet & vegetal notes.

Durance Delicate Water Lily Perfumed Soap, delivers a creamy and subtly scented foam. Enriched with sweet almond oil and its EDTA and dye-free formula allows you to use it with complete peace of mind.

Les Eternelles

Durance relates the wonderful scented gardens in Provence and beyond and provides emtional moments for every woman.

Our master perfumers from Grasse have selected the most precious materials with exceptional sources to create unique fragrances.

Made with ingredients that are at least 95% natural in origin, with incredible deep shades, each scent can be used with serenity & all fragrances are without CMR*

*Fragrances without substances classified as carcinogens, mutagens of substances toxic to reproduction = CMR

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