REFILL for Scented Bouquet & Flowers 250ml Soft Cashmere


Soft Cashmere
Revel in the softness and tenderness of cotton & musk with this comforting & powdery fragrance. A moment of deep well-being.
Let yourself be lulled by the elegance of cashmere enrobed in the comforting softness of vanilla & white musk.

As Explained by the Nose:
The soft cashmere fragrance opens gently and tenderly with light notes of soap bubbles and rose petals before plunging into a more floral heart to then reveal all its power on a vanilla and musk base.

Developed by our Master perfumers from Grasse, quickly discover a unique fragrance that will transport you on a wonderful olfactory journey.

Fragrance Notes:

Top notes:
Soap/ Rose petals / Heliotrope
Middle Notes:
Orange blossom / Rosebuds / Violet
Base Notes:
Vanilla / White musk / Cedar

Reed Diffuser Refill
Using the scented refill you can fill up your Durance scented bouquets or flowers as many times as you wish.

Don’t forget to replace your reeds from time to time as they will become saturated and stop diffusing.

Fragrance Family: Soft & Gentle

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