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Soft & Gentle Fragrances

A great big reassuring hug from the softest, gentlest fragrances you can imagine. The feeling of being wrapped in cotton wool, safe and cocooned in a soft, freshly laundered eiderdown.

*New for Spring 2022* Marseille Soap Fragrance

The authentic scent of Marseille soap with notes of lavender, musk, Aleppo pine & olive branches.


Enjoy a getaway to the seaside with this fragrance mixing woody notes of patchouli with the freshness of marine notes highlighted by a hint of citrus.

Cotton Flower

All the gentle pleasure of cotton a beautifully tender fragrance with musky notes. If tenderness released a scent, this would be it…!

Divine Shea

A moment of well-being with its combination of white flower notes and smooth almond on milky base of sandalwood and vanilla.

Linen Flower

A fresh, gentle wind blowing over a field of blue flowers – a powdery and delicate fragrance.

Rice Powder

A cottony fragrance like a veil of airy powder for a delicate and soothing ambiance. The iris is combined with podery musk and sandalwood for an exquisite and unique perfume.

White Camellia

The delicacy of white camellia, symbolizing perfection and the absolute, with flowery, musky and powdery notes.

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