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Woody & Spicy Fragrances

Cocooning & warm or sweet & spicy this family of fragrances evokes the hot climes of the Orient as well as the heat of the Provençal Garrigue in the Summer. A large range of perfumes to choose from, create a warm, comforting & glamorous ambiance in your home. Elegant and sophisticated for year round enjoyment.

New for Autumn Winter 2020

Vetiver Zest

*New for Spring Summer 2021* The elegant scent of vetiver, timeless, woody and aromatic, combines with the fresh notes of bergamot and grapefruit.

Cristallised Ginger

The freshness of mandarin mingling with spicy and aromatic notes leading to the most subtle cristallised ginger.

Saffron Flower

Let yourself be transported to a place where captivating white flowers and hot spices mingle to reveal an exceptional saffron flower.


This fragrance is all about patchouli with its splendour and complexity magnifying its underlying femininity with elegance.

Pine from Provence

The wonderful Pine from Provence – an aromatic fragrance with woody and resinous accents. Like a walk in a pine forest.

Orange & Cinnamon

Rediscover the fruity scent of the orange rapidly bolstered by the warmth of the cinnamon and clove. The welcoming feel of a cosy home.

Silver Cedar

A rare fragrance that invites you on a unique sensory journey, to discover silver cedar enveloped in sandalwood.

Maple Bark (Maple Peels)

A warm, woody and cocooning note with accents of sandalwood, amber woods and tonka bean, evoking poetic walks through maple forests

Olive Wood

A woody fragrance of cedar and cypress enhanced with the aromatic notes of thyme and rosemary, evoking a stroll through the landscapes of Provence.


A precious, warm & mysterious fragrance. Where the deep amber notes get a perfect sweet and oriental touch with vanilla, coriander and cedar extracts Bring some sweet, spicy warmth to your home.

Cashmere Wood

A rare and tender wood whose mysterious refined essences are enhanced by voluptuous amber and vanilla note

Precious Wood

The richness and sophistication of an oud wood accord, subtly spiced for a warm and elegant ambiance.

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